Defined and Guided by Our Core Values

For us it has never been enough to merely automate project and portfolio management; we look far beyond a short-lived quick fix from one-size-fits-all solutions in a box. Our solutions are built for constant improvement and to inspire a new growth path for your teams and processes. Sciforma solutions assure our clients will meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, by adhering to five core values that have always defined us. Throughout development of every solution has been our non-negotiable refusal to settle. Our promise is swift, dramatic efficiencies, productivity gains, waste reductions and time savings, all integrated into a new client paradigm that is the ultimate return on investment.

Comprehensive. Robust. Adaptable Software.

Deployed in the cloud or on-site, and supported by multiple languages, the Sciforma platform is built to flex in simultaneous management of multiple platforms, such as Agile, Waterfall, Critical Chain and Prince2, and to serve multiple teams, including IT, NPD, R&D, as well as capital projects. Addressing all critical PPM functionalities; planning to management and program and project management to business intelligence, with on-demand strategic tools for executives and managers.

Functionalities that Empower Scalability

Everything is pre-installed and connected, ready to be turned-on, so you can get to work right away.  Sciforma 7.1 ushers-in an all new level of flexibility, enabling users to turn on PPM modules they need, ignore those they don’t, and add more features later without additional expense.  Software that’s built to use the way you work, customizable for your needs today, with the ability to continually fine-tune and evolve. Functionalities that allows you to reach higher, go farther and scale without limits.

Easy-to-Use is Much More than a Slogan

Sciforma’s redesigned interface sets a new standard and been independently acclaimed. So much more than a flattering compliment, it’s about utility and “user acceptance”. According to Christophe Evers, PMO with Terrena, Sciforma 7.1 is remarkably fluid. It is almost impossible to get lost on the interface.[...] Even change-averse project managers immediately adopted Sciforma 7.1. I do not plan any major change management program with this version.”

Configuration Delivered in Days, Not Weeks

We build software that is continually evolving and improving and succeeds in every environment because it’s supported by best practices that have characterized our processes from the beginning.  Sciforma 7.1 can be completely configured in days. This enables every client to instantly tailor the functionality and methodologies they need and to do it with full scalability across your organization and around the world.

Working as Partners in every Client's Success

We approach what we do not merely as a vendor, but with a commitment to work as a collaborative partner dedicated to the success of every client.  You’ll see that difference first in our transparent sales process, and then in a smoother, faster, successful implementation, effective deployment, comprehensive training, and continuing with maintenance and support.  All to help you reach higher, accomplish more and achieve results you’ll confidently sustain in the future.

Less Risk, Greater Reward and Quicker ROI

Our clients can expect dramatic benefits derived from automated PPM processes that save time, reduce waste and increase productivity.  Imagine reduced project failure rates and cycle times, with fewer cost overruns, and the ability to avoid low/limited-value projects and eliminate the time project managers spent on them. Clients running 50 projects or more with Sciforma 7.1 are saving millions each year, and we’d love to discuss the ROI-potential for your company.

Completely Scalable.

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