Improving resource management and capacity planning is the top priority for most project management organizations and PMOs. This is the case for companies whose resources are limited and shared between several projects in the same portfolio. Optimized resource management is becoming more and more important, since for many companies, inadequate processes in these disciplines can lead to poor market responsiveness. This results directly in losses in revenue, savings, customer satisfaction, and market share.

In a company where the resources are poorly managed, we often find the same difficulties: underused or overloaded resources, lack of availability in the allotted time or even lack of visibility on available skills. Adopting a data centralization tool can help you greatly in optimizing the management of your resources. Find out how Sciforma helps you easily solve 3 difficulties related to resource management.

1 – Get visibility into the allocation of your resources’ time with Sciforma

The first step in optimizing your resource management is to obtain better visibility of your resources’ availability. By centralizing all the data linked to the project in timesheets, your project manager, PMO or other stakeholder, will obtain real-time visibility on resources’ allocation.

Sciforma 7.1 – Team status

For each current or future project, you will be able to manage the current and future resource allocation of your projects, create different scenarios and visualize the impact of the use of resources on your entire portfolio. Your resource manager will also be able to track time off to improve organizational efficiency.

Sciforma 7.1 – Detail per resource

2 – Optimize the team’s work with Sciforma

Better visibility will give you more space to optimize your resources. When launching a project, Sciforma gives you the possibility of filtering the available resources by department, by profession and by skill, according to their availability on current projects. This will ensure that each resource is allocated in the most relevant way for your business. In the event of unavailability, you can also assign a task to a subcontractor, whether nominally or generically, or even replace one resource with another for several activities while automatically keeping the actual and remaining charges.

Sciforma 7.1 – Resource allocation

Finally, in the case of portfolio management, Sciforma gives you the opportunity to analyze and resolve resource conflicts when these are allocated to several projects. Thus, productivity is optimized by taking advantage of unused resources and is refined by means of control over the allocation of resources of higher granularity.

3 – Increase your capacity to launch new projects with Sciforma

Thanks to a better visibility on the use of resources and an optimization of their work, you give your PMO the tools to better anticipate needs and a more capacity to undertake new projects.

Sciforma 7.1 – Project performance : resource comparison

At the portfolio level, thanks to Sciforma, your PMO will be able to easily identify underused or overused resources, in different project scenarios. Several tools are available (heat maps, dashboards and planning reports) to analyze the difference between requests / allocations and allocations / assignments.

Sciforma 7.1 – Capacity plan analysis by resource

By providing organizations with a real-time resource forecasting view, Sciforma capacity planning enables stakeholders to make better and faster decisions to hire more resources, defer projects, approve or cancel projects. It brings project demand closer to project execution by optimizing the allocation of limited resources to achieve maximum delivery and sales value.

Sciforma 7.1 – Capacity planning analysis

Sciforma resource management and capacity planning is a critical component of the Sciforma complete life cycle solution for portfolio and project management. It bridges project demand with project execution by optimizing the allocation of limited resources to achieve maximum delivery output and business value.

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Camélia Docquin

Camélia is Sciforma’s Marketing Manager for Europe and enjoys learning different perspectives of the current business environment and project management challenges that enterprises and individuals face daily. Main interests include : innovation, digital transformation, and strategy execution.