Paris (July 26, 2023) – Leading Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software provider Sciforma announces a new client: Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co.KG. A pioneer in the electrical installation industry, Spelsberg has chosen the Sciforma PPM platform for project, resource, and budgetary planning. 

Founded in 1904, Günther Spelsberg has over a century’s experience in the fields of electrical installation, building technology, and charging infrastructure. The family business manufactures self-sealing nipples, thermoplastic junction boxes, and wet room surface-mounted distributors for the industrial sector. As the company continues to expand into various European subsidiaries, they transitioned from Jira to Sciforma’s robust, centralized PPM tool for managing new product innovation. 

We chose Sciforma for better project and resource planning, and to be able to identify problems and bottlenecks earlier in the project lifecycle,” said Spelsberg Project Manager, Jan Hendrik Kwitniewski. “Sciforma really is the full package for unifying company-wide processes for product development.” 

Spelsberg joins a growing pool of manufacturing companies using PPM for new product development. Sciforma’s manufacturing clients have achieved optimized resource utilization, accelerated product delivery, and consolidated analytics for faster, data-driven decision-making. 

Sciforma customers span a wide range: from SMEs to divisions of some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. To request a demo or information, contact Sciforma.

German Manufacturer Spelsberg Chooses Sciforma PPM for Project, Resource, and Budget Planning

About Sciforma PPM

Sciforma is one of the leading providers of Portfolio & Project Management (PPM) software. For over 30 years, they have delivered solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide. Boasting PPM, SPM, and CWM capabilities, Sciforma helps teams plan and deliver on strategic initiatives by making data-driven decisions about their project portfolios, resources, and strategic goals—all in one collaborative, customizable platform.

The company stands out from its competitors by providing the optimal balance of usability and robust functionality, as well as project team and executive-level portfolio management for solving challenges with strategic communication, planning, tracking, execution, and more. In recent years, Sciforma merged with One2Team (2021) and KeyedIn (2023), thereby reinforcing its PPM and SPM capabilities. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn. 

German Manufacturer Spelsberg Chooses Sciforma PPM for Project, Resource, and Budget Planning

About Spelsberg

Spelsberg is a market leader in the electrical industry, with 119 years of experience in the area of electrical installation and enclosure technology.

The high innovative capacity of this family-run business has resulted in numerous patents and provides solutions that are quick and easy to install, and that are impressive thanks to their long service life and ease of maintenance. The developers not only have an eye on the latest status of standards, but also on new markets and trends within energy and building technology. For more information, please visit

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