Flexible deployment

Sciforma cloud

Sciforma Cloud is a powerful and reliable Software-as-a-Service. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. There is no need to procure or administer an on premise server, database or firewall technology.

Want to be on premise?

Sciforma Virtual Appliance Solution is also available. Easy set-up, maintenance, application provisioning, availability, and convenient recovery.

We have your security at heart

As a cloud service provider, Sciforma pledges to protect customer data and provide a secure delivery of our SaaS products. The ISO 270001 certificate shows this commitment and demonstrates the reliability and security of the company’s systems and information.

Your enterprise security in the cloud
Data Location

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the dedicated IaaS provider for Sciforma.net. Sciforma commitment is to only store and process customer data in the AWS Region located in the country chosen by the customer

Access security

Each customer environment corresponds to a unique URL. The only public entry point is a reverse proxy server behind a firewall which routes the HTTPS requests based on the URL of the corresponding customer's environment. Customer environments are mono-tenant. No two customers can share the same environment or any other data. Each customer can choose between standard authentication (credentials are stored in the customer database) or SSO (based on SAML 2.0).


All data is encrypted, both at rest and in transit. Data in transit is encrypted with TLS 1.2 (RSA-4096, AES-256, SHA-256). The stored data and backups are encrypted using the AES-256 standard. A different key is used for each customer.


Complete backups are made every four hours. Every night, these backups are erased except for the most recent backup, which is kept for 60 days. All backups are encrypted with AES-256 and stored both locally and remotely in another data center in the same AWS Availability Zone. Backups integrity are controlled by using hash signature.

Change management

Our formal change management process ensures that changes are made at the approved time, and in the approved manner. This process promotes the prevention and detection of errors and unauthorized changes. Our change control system also protects against losses, damages, or inaccuracies that can occur through error, fraud, or untested changes.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability monitoring is done by the Sciforma Operations team. All detected vulnerabilities are patched by following our patch management process that defined SLAs with timeframes.

Information Security management

Sciforma implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to manage all the information security procedures and risks in compliance with the standard ISO/IEC 27001. Our ISMS was certified ISO 27001 in July 2019 by a certification body. This certification proves Sciforma correctly manages the risks and the security of information.

The main benefits are:

  • Increase reliability and security of systems and information ;
  • Increase business resilience ;
  • Improve the alignment with customer requirements ;
  • Improve management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies.

The security objectives of this ISMS defined by Sciforma Top Management are as follows:

  • Increase reliability and security of systems and information ;
  • To maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data under Sciforma.net responsibility ;
  • To maintain the preservation of sensitive data under Sciforma.net responsibility ;
  • To maintain the availability and continuity of the services provided ;
  • To maintain compliance with contractual requirements and regulations.


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