Improve coordination and productivity across the entire organization 

Enhance in-team and cross-team collaboration 

Break down silos and facilitate remote work by giving your teams a unified, intuitive framework for work management – complete with real-time communication, issue escalation, and seamless document sharing capabilities.  

Streamline workflows and optimize task execution 

Configure workflows to meet the unique needs of each team and project, and save time with automated notifications and approval requests. Provide each stakeholder with a personalized workspace for managing their tasks and tracking their progress. 

Improve company-wide visibility 

Make quicker, more confident decisions when all work activity information—plans, statuses, dependencies, bottlenecks, and timelines— is easily accessible through dashboards and reports tailored for specific roles and needs. 

Key features for collaborative work management

Our collaborative work features offer an intuitive, visual way to create, comprehend, and complete tasks and assignments. However, Sciforma's capabilities extend beyond daily tasks and basic collaboration. Work is strategically planned, managed, and tracked in relation to the bigger picture of projects, portfolios and key company objectives.

  • Work & Team Planning
  • Task management
  • Integrations
Work & Team Planning

As a manager or team lead, you can utilize a versatile board format to outline project work, including custom fields, milestones, and task assignments. 

  • Easily progress or assign tasks with drag & drop functionality, ensuring instant updates across the platform. 
  • Customize Teamspace views to showcase specific actions, items, or timelines. 
  • Save and share board views with stakeholders for enhanced collaboration. 
Collaborative work management Software
Task management

Each team member has a personalized space to manage their to-dos, deliverables, and time reporting. 

  • See your tasks in a Kanban view and filter and group them by project, category, timeline, etc. 
  • Discuss status or next steps directly on the project or task card in real-time. 
  • Attach documents in any format to centralize all work-related information.    
  • Easily report time spent on tasks directly on the action card and synchronize it with your timesheets in one click.

Accomplish tasks seamlessly by integrating with the tools you already use, without changing your established way of work.   

  • Conduct stand-ups, manage actions, and handle task updates and creations directly from Teams channels, thanks to our native Microsoft Teams integration.   
  • Pull any data from Sciforma into your BI tools to gain comprehensive insights. Combine information on execution status, dependencies, bottlenecks, and timelines with other business metrics for a full picture. 

Use the project methodology of your choice

Sciforma supports Agile, Waterfall, Phase Gates, and CCPM

Integrated Agile

Integrated Agile PPM enables the blending of agile and waterfall methods in a single project and the ability to create sprints, with budget points, baseline points, story points and project boards with task cards

Critical Chain

Support for Critical Chain methodology including Critical Chain identification, buffer generation, resource contention resolution, fever charts, and multi-project synchronization

Phase Gates

Support for phase gates methodology, including deliverable and risk templates, gate approval meetings and reviews, and status reports

Discover how organizations use Sciforma


“Another purpose of increased resource visibility was to improve the project demand/intake process and project selection. Any demand that makes enough sense to evolve into a business case is submitted to the approval of a biannual strategic IT committee, created by the PMO team. This steering committee needed reliable data – whether projections or actuals – to perform trade-offs and prioritize projects against resource availability.”

Christophe Lejeune, PMO


“Upon joining Bioaster in 2013, Carole Leroy drew up specifications that would be used to identify a project and portfolio management (PPM) solution. The PPM tool would be used throughout multiple phases, beginning with the evaluation and selection of projects.”

Carole Leroy, PMO


“Aubert & Duval also needed a system to collect and consolidate project demand in order to anticipate resource needs and adjustments of in-flight and upcoming projects.”

Arnaud Montels, PMO Manager - Aubert Duval

Discover our critical capabilities

Sciforma has been designed to address key pain points which directly impact PMO Objectives/KPIs that align with the core C-level objective of achieving profitable growth.