Harness the power of collaborative thinking


Accelerate Delivery Cycles

Since customers need changes quickly, extended project and program cycle times are no longer an option. Working through projects quickly depends on having the right collaborative delivery techniques. 

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Foster Institutional Learning

The ability for a company to adapt and learn from experience – i.e., become a continuously learning enterprise – has become a competitive imperative. Tools that support institutional learning have become mandatory. 


Innovation for the Workforce

New generations in the workforce expect routine processes to be digitized. They also expect to be supported with contemporary tools, especially when it comes to collaborative work. Your business needs collaborative work management tools to enable communication across geographically and functionally distributed teams. 

Building bridges across people and projects to optimize teamwork

Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind

Sciforma is one of the largest providers of Portfolio & Project Management software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. 

We approach what we do with a commitment to working as a collaborative partner dedicated to the success of every client. As a cloud service provider, our ISO 270001 certificate testifies to our pledge to protect customer data and provide a secure delivery of our SaaS products. 

PMO: Bring Your Enterprise Team Together

  • Enable your team members to centralize their work and communicate efficiently anywhere, at any time. 

    Manage connections to give project, product, and program managers instant visibility into their surroundings. 

    Bring together collective data, knowledge and experience of the enterprise-wide team to make decisions that are logically consistent over time. 

    Centralize and archive essential information and lessons learned from past projects to create an institutional learning database. 

    Monitor portfolio status via a roll-up view of project work items. 

Project & Product Managers: Tame Complexity

Follow your teams’ work and know the status of each project in real-time. 

Support simple in-context communications with project stakeholders. 

Manage the to-do or steps (mostly derived from another element such as an issue or risk) in projects. 

Manage work items from the perspective of the initiator or assignee. 

Track and resolve problems, events, bugs, enhancements, feature requests, etc. 

Identify and act on operational risks that may impact project delivery dates, budget, or scope and simulate the impact of risk scenarios. 

Align All Stakeholders

Through its role-based nature, Sciforma enables all stakeholders in project and portfolio management (Executives, PMOs, Financial Controllers, Project Directors/Managers, staff, Resource Managers, Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, etc.) to manage their portfolios. 

Key project work management benefits and features

Relational-by-design workflow management to move with the times.

  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Connection
One Platform to Plan and Manage Your Projects

Enable instant communication and interaction at any time with integrated tools for notes, email, and notifications.

Attach and access documents at portfolio, project or work package levels.

Make informed decisions together with others based on sound shared insights.

Automate communication of relevant information to institutionalize learning and encourage the replication of best practices.

Connection-based Work Management Functionalities

Interconnect projects, portfolios, people and all the “work items” that revolve around projects in a n-way relationship.

Identify any business cases, projects, products or programs that share the same life cycle, budget goals or scope.

Maintain visibility to issues, actions, deliverables, risks, etc. and their connections with the ability to flexibly add and modify connections between business cases, projects, products, programs, and portfolios.

Understand and follow the changes and the impact in terms of time, effort, and cost on the project level.

Use the project methodology of your choice

Sciforma supports Agile, Waterfall, Phase Gates, and CCPM

Integrated Agile

Integrated Agile PPM enables the blending of agile and waterfall methods in a single project and the ability to create sprints, with budget points, baseline points, story points and project boards with task cards

Critical Chain

Support for Critical Chain methodology including Critical Chain identification, buffer generation, resource contention resolution, fever charts, and multi-project synchronization

Phase Gates

Support for phase gates methodology, including deliverable and risk templates, gate approval meetings and reviews, and status reports

What Our Clients Say About Time Management with Sciforma


When interfaced with our company’s other management tools, such as payroll, Sciforma time tracking is an easy way to reduce administrative tasks.

Francis Lowe, IT Manager


“By making Sciforma the standard for time tracking across all projects, accountability went up and communication was improved. It was a real eye-opener for us. Now we really know who’s working on what, so we can really drill down to the details.”

Vladimir Skidelsky, Project Engineer


“Without Sciforma there would be a lot more micromanaging and constant face-to-face reminders of tasks and due dates.”

Monica Cecava, Senior Program Manager

Discover our critical capabilities​

Sciforma has been designed to address key pain points which directly impact PMO Objectives/KPIs that align with the core C-level objective of achieving profitable growth.