Plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies and structures 

Improve efficiency and get to market faster 

Streamline your idea intake process and identify the business cases that make the best investments, using standardized workflows and what-if scenario modeling to find the best portfolio mix. 

Control and reallocate resources to stay on top of change 

Easily manage and adjust resources and budgets to keep aligned with changing business goals. Gain a clear and comprehensive view of available and occupied resources across your portfolio. 

Maintain big-picture focus 

Keep focused on long-term strategy and key objectives by aligning every process and team in one central system. Enhance executive decision-making with real-time, reliable, consolidated data and reports.   

Key features and functionality for strategic portfolio management

Sciforma’s powerful strategic portfolio management software gives decision-makers a single source of truth for all the information they need to make correct and timely decisions.

  • Strategic portfolio alignment
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Portfolio management
  • Capacity planning
  • Portfolio reporting
Strategic portfolio alignment

Align your portfolio intake with strategy and business objectives, in one central platform. 

  • Standardized dashboards for simplified business case and pipeline evaluation and review. 
  • Robust scoring system based on business cases and projects’ alignment with strategic objectives. 
  • Track the value delivered by each project based on comparison between Target values, the Current values, and Expected Target values at date. 
Portfolio optimization

Assess the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of multiple project combinations and scenarios to maximize returns and avoid risks.

  • Use cross-methodology portfolio status overviews to drill-down into projects for accurate comparisons.
  • Simulate different scenarios across multiple portfolios and compare them against active projects.
  • Classify and analyze costs and effort by cost center, work package, project, program, product, or portfolio, to best reallocate budget where it’s most needed.
Portfolio management

Maintain top-down and bottom-up alignment with strategic goals while executing your projects and programs.  

  • Flexibility for each project team to work in the methodology that suits them best, with an integrated portfolio-level overview for the EPMO.
  • Consolidate, monitor, and collaborate on portfolio issues, actions, change requests, risks, lessons learned, and documents.
Capacity planning

Know your exact resource utilization and availability, adjust resource plans pre-project and in-flight, and re-allocate quickly and easily.

  • View resource capacity against demand across your portfolios.
  • Resource utilization heat maps to identify underutilized and over-worked resources.

Create what-if scenarios for different resource allocations to deploy the best option as priorities shift.

Portfolio reporting

Draw data directly from your project portfolio to get a real-time view of strategic objectives’ progress.

  • Create custom reporting dashboards using any portfolio parameter, or choose from over 60 pre-built dashboards and apply your own filters
  • Provide view-only reporting dashboards to stakeholders (or the entire company) at no extra cost.

Integrate with other organizational software tools

Consolidate data across various platforms to ensure accuracy, minimize discrepancies, and enable more reliable decision-making.


BI Software

Any data from Sciforma can be pulled into your BI tools to gain real-time insights, identify trends, and detect potential issues before they escalate.


Jira & DevOps

Link Jira or DevOps to Sciforma to automatically adjust project timelines and resource allocations, reducing manual entry and enhancing the accuracy of data.


Microsoft Teams

Achieve seamless communication and collaboration across teams and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Discover how organizations use Sciforma


“For a solution vendor like SymphonyAI Retail CPG, it is key to know our capacity across the whole chain — from product management and maintenance to services. Sciforma is now the hub of the entire organization, giving us an overview of the production capacity by team and by profile.”

Souad Elmanouni, R&D SCM PMO Director, SymphonyAI Retail CPG

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