Club Med: Centralizing new project demands and facilitating prioritization, including based on budget


Since its creation in 1950 by Gérard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano, Club Med is synonymous with paradise and hospitality throughout the world. A pioneering brand at its core, Club Med is constantly overachieving guest expectations to deliver high-end, French luxury and hospitality to everyone.

After new management arrived to launch a strategic evolution on luxury positioning, it became even more fundamental to ensure that the company was investing on the right projects.

A key question emerged: how to best streamline budgeting and re-engage teams through the project prioritization process? This process used to take 12 weeks to complete. To shorten this timeline and make data-backed, timely decisions, Club Med required a simple, unified solution.

Business Challenges

  • Increase transparency and accessibility of reliable and up-to-date project data within one central platform
  • Shorten budgeting process and allow for budget simulation
  • Capitalize on the arrival of new talent
  • Improve reliability of interfaces within internal systems, specifically SI Finance

Sciforma’s Proposal

To simplify and increase flexibility within the budgeting process, Sciforma (previously One2Team) proposed an innovative solution.
Development and budget requests were centralized within a singular interface, accessible to local and remote business units, replacing the paper reports circulated by hand.

Each team entered their desired project proposals into the Sciforma platform. The requests were evaluated by business case, examined through a cost-benefit analysis within a central platform, and shared with all stakeholders so that global oversight could effectively prioritize them.

The teams were able to look at, and vote for, the proposed projects. Business unit preferences were organized by function, priority, and business challenge.

Once the voting closed, the assigned groups were able to automatically address different budgeting scenarios and proceed accordingly.

“Within a largely decentralized organization like Club Med, the budgeting process requires coordination and alignment between teams. One2Team’s solution (Sciforma) brings the unification and high-level transparency necessary to prioritize strategic initiatives to maximize the development of the company.”

Arnaud Lietout

VP IT Business & Support Applications, Club Med


  • Shortened decision-making processes for timely project prioritization
  • Expanded transparency of project status to all stakeholders
  • Maximized employee participation through collaborative ranking process
  • Reduced reporting time with Sciforma’s real-time dashboards

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