Engie Ineo: Automating the deployment of a broadband network across the Parisian transport system


Engie Ineo employs 18,000 in their endeavor to shape a better future by providing solutions for connected cities, including communication systems for public transportation networks.
In 2014, Engie Ineo won the bid to design and develop a high speed network for RATP (Parisian transportation operator) and replace the video surveillance system within Paris’ public transportation network.

Providing reliable transportation to more than 4 million daily commuters, RATP relies on a state of the art and robust video surveillance network. Managing surveillance of more than 550 sites (including metro and bus stations, as well as each vehicle in transit), requires a network of 15,000 cameras and the processing of an impressive stream of concurrent video data.

In order to continuously improve daily operations for their production and project management teams, Engie Ineo deployed Sciforma’s work management platform (previously One2Team). The solution was configured to match each team’s workflows seamlessly while addressing the unique challenges of managing multi-site, multi-stakeholder projects (networking, video surveillance, operations, etc.).

Each team now has the freedom to focus on value contribution with automated reporting and constant communication at every step of the way.


  • Maintain reliable deployment schedule
  • Improve communication with RATP
  • Increase the operational efficiency of technicians
  • Facilitate intervention management

The Sciforma difference

After studying how the product and project management teams at Engie Ineo work, Sciforma consultants configured the platform so that each site represents a real project, named by the station, its order along the route and a unique 4-digit ID.
These projects are then categorized by their route and each one has a defined development process with a related set of tasks that must be completed. RATP data, finalized reports and logistics toolkits are also contextually incorporated in each project.
What if a new station needs to be added to the scope? In just one click, Sciforma’s Project Launcher creates a new project, complete with all of the required project elements, saving time for Engie Ineo’s busy teams.

In the field, technicians also benefit from a simple and functional mobile app. Everything is online; they no longer have to carry printed materials with them, and checklists are readily available to ensure each task is completed. Each team member easily accesses their assignments and updates project data in real time. As a result, more sites are managed in a single shift and the time saved translates to improved efficiency for their customer.
“One2Team (now Sciforma) integrates all organizational units, from field technicians to the top manager. It is very easy to drive the progress of projects. Adoption is simple – the teams were working within the tool after only one day of training.”

Engie Ineo UTS also changed the way the company works on a daily basis, moving to more of a continuous delivery of projects rather than a traditional deadline-based style.
“We obviously have deadlines, but everyone independently coordinates so that their projects are finalized within a given period. We can see if the work is moving forward or not thanks to the tool, which is crucial for us.”

In just a few clicks, Sciforma offers a view of all project statuses. “This makes our communications with RATP much more efficient. They are automatically informed of any update via alerts, and they only have to review documents stored in One2Team (now Sciforma)” explains Frédéric.

“We realized the power of the tool as soon as we started using it, especially its communication tools. Stakeholders share reporting in One2Team (Sciforma) by tagging informed parties directly on the relevant information. It’s very operationally efficient. Information is always available.”

Frédéric Elleboode
Deployment and Migration Manager, Engie Ineo UTS


  • Improved communication with RATP: centralized document management and updates are shared within context
  • Automated processes and streamlined daily operations: all fieldwork is managed within the app
  • Significant time saved with streamlined reporting
  • Faster, more informed decision-making

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