Paris (May 22, 2023). Sciforma announced that their existing Plan customers will have access to the Vantage navigation features. By enabling this navigation in Settings, Plan users can view their modules and workspaces with a more modern UI in the left bar. Toggling on the Vantage navigation will not change any other aspect of the Plan experience, including other display configurations.

As of Fall 2022, all Sciforma customers have the option to implement Vantage in their organization. Prior to its launch, customers wanting to use Sciforma for both portfolio project management and collaborative work management would have to purchase instances of both Plan and Deliver. Now, these capabilities are combined in the Sciforma Vantage platform for one strategic solution. PMs, PMOs, functional work teams, and executives can access both worlds via the same URL, with unique login access.

Sciforma Vantage customers span a wide range: from SMEs to divisions of some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. To request a demo or further information, contact Sciforma

Sciforma Extends Vantage Navigation Access to its Plan Users

About Sciforma Vantage

Sciforma is a leading provider of PPM software, delivering solutions to over a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. Boasting PPM, SPM, and CWM capabilities, Sciforma’s solution helps teams plan and deliver on strategic initiatives by making data-driven decisions about their project portfolios, resources, and strategic goals—all in one collaborative, customizable platform. 

The company stands out from its competitors by providing the optimal balance of usability and robust functionality. Further, they support project team and executive-level portfolio management for solving challenges with strategic communication, planning, tracking, execution, and more. In recent years, Sciforma merged with One2Team (2021) and KeyedIn (2023), thereby reinforcing its Project Portfolio Management and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) capabilities. 

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