Resource & Capacity Management


Improve Market Responsiveness

Build the right teams, mobilize resources with speed, and adjust resource plans with agility, to achieve time-to-market goals and long-term competitiveness.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency starts with basic resource utilization and availability visibility (i.e. who is working on what) and is vital to maximizing productivity. It is matured with more granular resource allocation controls.

Maximize Business Impact

Excellence in talent management means having the right resources with the right skills available for your highest value projects, working at the optimal utilization rate. This is also the formula for maximizing business value and impact.

Save on Labor Expenses

Digital advancements and automation are driving cost structures down. Maximize utilization rates to ensure that labor expenses are minimized for a given level of investment in order to be cost competitive.

Solution Overview


Improving resource management and capacity planning is the top priority for most project management organizations and PMOs. This is a crucial issue as the risk of inadequate processes in these disciplines for many companies is poor market responsiveness. This results directly in losses in revenue, savings, customer satisfaction, and market share.

Sciforma resource management enhances resource pool visibility and allocation control by balancing in-bound work demand with available resource supply (i.e. time, people, and money).

It supports both project managers actively managing a project as well as resource managers who cross silos working in or with a PMO to optimize project staffing. It supports the full project life-cycle including the ability to manage resources for in-flight projects as demand for resources evolve and change.

Sciforma capacity planning includes the ability to aggregate resources, categorize by role, set thresholds and use these resources to constrain the inventory of investments, programs, projects or small work items.

Easily assign tasks and check your available resource supply thanks to Sciforma’s project resources and capacity management
Resource Planning Workflows made simple

Sciforma simplifies the process of resource allocation through an automated customized workflow:

  • Customize workflows for project managers to build teams and request resources ;
  • Customize workflows for resource managers to approve PM resource requests and allocate resources to a project without requiring a previous request from the project manager
  • Search/find/filter resources by a variety of resource attributes including skills, roles/job classification, location, organization/function, and cost rates
Assign tasks according to resources' best abilities and availability

Sciforma easily enables you to allocate tasks to your resources and update your schedule in seconds.

  • Support for hard (named) resource assignments, as well as soft (attribute) resource assignments (i.e. by skills, roles, location, etc.)
  • Support for generic resource assignments which are soft assignment definitions that are stored to facilitate re-use and review
  • Replace a resource by another (i.e. team member leaving the organization) across multiple tasks while the actual effort vs remaining effort is maintained automatically
  • Assign and track uniform and non-uniform resources hours/utilization across multiple projects
  • Review and resolve resource assignment conflicts across multiple projects
Check your available resource supply to staff new projects and avoid shortage

Sciforma gives you a view of how balanced your team’s schedules are and informs you on your capacity to take on new projects :

  • Identify underutilized and over-worked resources for in-flight and planned project scenarios thanks to resource utilization heat maps
  • Plan capacity for aggregating resources, categorizing by role, and setting thresholds to constrain the inventory of investments, programs, projects or small work items
  • Use capacity planning views and reports to get visibility into the future about where resources are likely to be over or under allocated
  • Create reports to analyse the gap between requests/allocations and allocations/assignments

NXP has experienced better visibility to portfolio staffing needs and gaps through the ability to easily gather resource project allocations and project needs and feed them into the reporting solution. Integration with HR systems ensures synchronization of resource information records and better alignment of onboard/offboard resources.

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