Société Générale Algérie wanted to ensure that project planning and resource requirement assessment optimized resource utilization and portfolio management in order to consistently produce quality deliverables. By consolidating all project data and operations into clear and easy-to-read visualizations, Sciforma provides objective overviews of planning and tracking activities.

Société Générale Algérie has recorded improvement in resource utilization and a reduction in time spent on data processing.

Sciforma also made it possible to engage in budget-driven project management. In addition to tighter PPM cost control, this has empowered project managers to understand the value of their work on projects and to truly own their role as key players in project management.


Having a structured approach and a sound planning process for tasks, deadlines, budgets, and work assignments is the only way to gain an accurate and objective understanding of our ability to take on and deliver projects of outstanding quality.

Karim BOUKTACHE, Project Portfolio Manager, Société Générale Algérie 

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Benoît Boitard

Benoît est membre de l'équipe marketing de Sciforma depuis 2020. Préalablement, il a connu de multiples expériences professionnelles exerçant notamment en tant que consultant en stratégie digitale, tant en start-up émergentes que dans de grandes entreprises. Ces expériences diverses l'ont imprégné d'une vision globale de la gestion de projet dans des environnements de travail traditionnels et agiles.