Paris (October 25, 2022)Leading Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software provider Sciforma announces that Inovelec Group, specialized in R&D and electronic manufacturing services, has purchased a subscription to a range of services offered under the Sciforma PPM platform. Having posted especially strong growth over the last decade, Inovelec chose Sciforma to gain global visibility over resource allocation, planning control and workload management.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Inovelec to the Sciforma customer community,” said Stéphane Louit, Head of Sales for Sciforma. “Digital transformation has created significant disruptions in the electronics manufacturing sector. As a centralized PPM tool, Sciforma supports project/product roadmap visibility, providing growing companies like Inovelec faster reporting and the means for higher quality decision making, improved financial management and better resource planning.”

“Inovelec has a history of strong and steady growth, but we want to ensure that we continue to increase revenues through increased productivity,” said Cédric Palarino, Inovelec Project and Associate Director. “With 150 customers in multiple sectors and over 1000 suppliers, our lines can handle over fifteen million components a month. Inovelec develops and manufactures products for all activity sectors (Defense, Medical, Energy, Industry…). A key goal is to manage our growth, and at this stage that’s beyond what can be done with Excel spreadsheets.  The Sciforma PPM program will enable us to manage our workloads, improve collaboration, track work in real time, better align project launches with team workloads, and to manage budgets in the face of shifting business landscapes.”

Inovelec services range from electronic design and prototyping through the manufacturing, assembly, test and delivery of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and related products. The company will initially use the Sciforma PPM platform for:

  • project planning
  • resources allocation
  • budget and cost management
  • status reports
  • portfolio management (consolidation and capacity simulations)
  • time tracking
  • workload management
  • reporting 

Today’s industrial sector faces unprecedented challenges, including the reconciliation of different methodologies in hardware and software development as well as dramatic accelerations in product lifecycles with increasingly strained resources. PPM solutions like Sciforma can provide enterprise-wide transformation support, empowering all the stakeholders in a company-wide and inclusive digitalization strategy.

Sciforma customers span a wide range: from SMEs to divisions of some of the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. To request a demo or information, contact Sciforma.

About Sciforma

Sciforma is one of the leading providers of Portfolio & Project Management (PPM) software, delivering solutions to more than a quarter million users worldwide since 1982. The company offers flexible and easy-to-use multi-platform project management and project portfolio management software solutions. Businesses that have multiple projects from multiple clients (including internal customers) need to be able to prioritize efforts that will bring the best results to the company. The configurable Sciforma PPM solution provides project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better. In 2021, Sciforma acquired One2Team, thereby reinforcing its Strategic Portfolio (SPM) management capabilities. For more information, visit: Follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Sciforma.

 Sciforma Contact:

 Valerie Zeller |

About Inovelec

Created in southwestern France in 2000, Inovelec offers a full range of R&D and electronic manufacturing services. The company has three manufacturing sites in France and one in Morocco, as well as design offices in Paris and Bordeaux. It has continually posted high and steady growth, even in the face of extreme worldwide competition.  Services include electronic design and prototyping, surface-mounted device (SMD) lines, manufacturing, assembly, test and delivery. The customer base covers a range of sectors, including medical, energy, defense, industrial, consumer, lighting and automotive.  Learn more at

Inovelec Contact:

Cédric Palarino DG R&D and projet

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